Group Coaching: Life Audit (on Zoom)



This is an 8 week group coaching course that covers 8 different areas of your life. With 1 session per week for 8 weeks, this is a more cost effective option than 1 to 1 coaching and it provides clients with a supportive, motivating, inspiring and accountable environment. There is a maximum of 4 people in a group to allow for sufficient time and opportunity for all members to participate. A Free Chemistry Session is required prior to engaging in any coaching. As such, if you are interested in purchasing Group Coaching: Life Audit you can email me below with your name and a brief outline as to why you are considering coaching. I can then contact you to arrange a Free Chemistry Session to discuss your options further, prior to the course commencement.
*also included is a 60 minute 1 to 1 session for each member during the programme.
**group sessions will be recorded for access if a member cannot make a session, therefore strictest confidentiality is required. This is also very beneficial to watch back and reflect as sometimes it can be difficult to remember everything that happens in a session.
This course is priced at €435.
Please get in touch before purchasing by filling out my consultation form here! 



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