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This consultation forms the basis of any styling service. The colours we wear can instantly transform our appearance and our mood. Do you ever wear a particular colour simply because it makes you feel good? For me, I love wearing pink because it lifts my entire complexion! Similarly, I’ve recently discovered that certain shades of green really compliment my eyes. As a result I’ve made a conscious effort to focus on greens and pinks when looking to add to my wardrobe.

If you would like to purchase this service, here is what you can expect:

  • you will receive a questionnaire, via email, which you simply fill out and return to me. I will analyse the answers and email you a personalized colour report lookbook. This report can be downloaded or printed off if you wish to bring it shopping with you at your own pleasure.
  • the report will also include a few examples of items that would suit your colourings, to give you an idea of how to introduce your colours to your wardrobe. If you wish to purchase the items you can do so directly from the lookbook, at your own discretion.
  • the report you receive should last you a lifetime! It is primarily based on your eye colour, complexion, and hair colour.
  • Have a look at the video below of an example Colour Consultation Lookbook.




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