My name is Claire Jameson and I am a life and style coach. I am a qualified primary school teacher, applied positive psychology practitioner and personal stylist. 

I like to think of myself as a “styleologist” – combining my interest in style with that of psychology. I am passionate about helping people to flourish in all aspects of their lives – including how we feel, how we think, how we perform and how we present ourselves to the world. 

My career draws on my experience as a teacher coupled with my skills as a positive psychology coach and personal stylist, to create an offering of educating, coaching and styling my clients. Essentially, through my services I can help my clients to curate their own personal brand that is themselves. This brand includes the client’s values, interests, skills, goals, thought processing and presentation of themselves to the world. 

I began blogging and assisting fashion stylists in 2012. Since then, I have studied at Dublin Institute of Design where I qualified in Fashion Styling (commercial and editorial), Personal Styling and Image Consultancy, and Trend Forecasting. I adore fashion and it’s powerful ability to completely change how we feel. I have a Professional Master of Education in Primary Education, an honours degree in Psychology and most recently a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, from the University of East London. All of this fuels my passion for the relationship between how clothes make us feel and how our feelings and mood can effect what we wear. I truly believe that our own personal style is a reflection of how we perceive ourselves and how we want to appear to the world. The trouble is, so many of us struggle to identify our own style. That’s where I hope to help with my styleology approach. 


My main aim for all of my clients is to share with them my knowledge and enthusiasm for fashion in an understandable and accessible manner, with lots of fun and enjoyment along the way! All of my personal styling services are online. Each service comes with a personalised lookbook, where I include all of the information relevant to your service as well as shoppable links to each item (please note you do not have to purchase any items that I recommend for you). It’s important to me that every client receives the same level of attentiveness as you would with in-store personal shopping and with this system I feel like it is even more personal. It is always there for you to access. I am always the other side of an email if you’re unsure of anything. 

Curating and maintaining your own style takes time and effort. In today’s world, time is something that we just never seem to have enough of. Let me take the reigns here and sort it for you. Similar to finding a great hairstylist to look after your hair, what my online system offers is access to a fashion stylist to look after your clothes. 

Currently I only offer colour consultations, with more services becoming available over the summer months.  I can facilitate limited online personal shopping (including a zoom consultation and a lookbook containing links to recommended items), for an upcoming event or trip, or if you would like to refresh your wardrobe. If you wish to contact me regarding online personal shopping, editorial or commercial work, I would love to hear from you at 

The other half of my “Styleology” offering is coaching. Currently I offer 1:1 coaching via Zoom. For more information on that you can check out the Services tab where you will find 1:1 options and prices. I am currently in the process of developing workshops and group coaching sessions. I am truly passionate about helping people to achieve their desires. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone progress towards their goal, knowing that you had a part to play in that. My coaching stems from a Positive Psychology perspective and is solutions-focused. My practice is based on scientifically proven strategies that I studied during my Masters, many of which I implement myself in my own life. I practice in accordance with the EMCC guidelines as an accredited Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology Practitioner. Perhaps you need to explore an alternative career, or you feel like you are not performing at your best. Maybe you would like to get a greater grasp on time management, or reduce procrastination. Whatever your goal, it would be a pleasure to have a free Chemistry Call on Zoom where we can chat through our options. 

If you would like to keep up to date with my offerings you can find me on Instagram @thelifeandstylecoach or @clairejamesonie

I truly believe that our own personal style is a reflection of how we perceive ourselves and how we want to appear to the world. The trouble is, so many of us struggle to identify our own style. That’s where I can help!

Claire x